Pierre Aubert, engraver, painter, and draughtsman, excelled in landscape. He depicted monuments and towns, and above all nature scenes from his native Jura.

He lived in symbiosis with his environment and developed a genuine passion for representing trees, trunks, roots, and flowers, bringing out their delicate geometry and suggestive forms marked by the seasons and the passage of time. The tree trunks he painted, and drew and engraved were the very mainstay of his work: the wood from the forest, cut, sanded and transformed into a printing matrix, was at the same time an emanation of nature and place, a creation space, and a medium.

The Cabinet cantonal des estampes, housed in Musée Jenisch Vevey, is the depositary of the artist’s engravings. The Manuscript Department of the Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire in Lausanne preserves the written archives. In addition, hundreds of drawings and original woodcuts are kept in the Foundation’s repository in Romainmôtier, not far from the artist’s house and workshop and next to the abbey that he so often represented in his works.

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